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Full Day 5 islands Speed Boat




This trip of the 5 islands starts in the morning, the journey will make you discover exciting places such as Grand Riviere South East Waterfall, Ile Au Phare, Ile Aux Aigrettes, Ile De La Passe, Ile Aux Cerfs, Ile Aux Mangenie.

  • The speed boat will depart from Trou D’eau Douce (east coast)
  • Visit Grande RiviereYou will discover some impressive ravines and a spectacular waterfall
  • Ile Au Phare
    It is a treeless island. During the British rule, a lighthouse was erected on the island which is now considered as a ruin today. The island offers good view of the surrounding islands and the coast.
  • Ile Aux Aigrettes
    It is home for a large number of plants and animals which are extremely rare and endemic species. Therefore known as a nature reserve and scientific research station.
  • Ile De La Passe
    It is a rocky island which was once used as fort for the French during the battle of Grand Port (first port in Mauritius)
  • Ile Aux Cerfs
    It is famous for being the largest lagoon in Mauritius and its sandy beaches, also a variety of water activities is available
  • Ile Aux Mangenie
    This is where you will have lunch which include grilled fish, chicken and salads, drinks


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